EVERFI National Financial Bee

Welcome to the National Financial Literacy Bee!

The Financial Literacy Bee provides an opportunity for students to have some fun while learning critical financial concepts, all from the comfort of home! In this 40-minute course, you’ll explore short interactive lessons to help you better understand how to save, set financial goals, budget, and invest in your future. Let’s do this!

How It Works

After completing the course, you will have the opportunity to submit a short essay sharing a financial goal of yours and outlining the steps you plan to take to accomplish that goal based on what you’ve just learned. Prize details below. The Financial Literacy Bee is designed for high school students and will be available April 5 - 19, 2024. The essay contest is open to all students within grades 8 - 12 as of April 5, 2024.

Get started

Empowering the next generation

We are committed to helping families plan for their financial futures. That's why we’re proud to team up with EVERFI for the National Financial Literacy Bee! EVERFI will select one winning student who will receive a $500 VISA gift card. We’re excited to empower high school students to build a strong financial foundation and get them started on the path to financial security!